Wrangler Pumping portable toilet rentals are delivered directly to your construction job site and serviced by our dedicated local teams, our standard porta poties are ideal for residential or commercial construction projects. When you rent our porta potties us you can expect accurate and dependable delivery, and prompt, professional service.

Whether it’s a wedding or a music festival, you need to make sure that everyone’s
basic needs are accounted for. So as you’re choosing your caterers, drink vendors, and entertainment, don’t forget to reserve portable toilets and hand-washing stations. By working with a company like Wrangler Pumping you’ll be able to pick the size, shape, and features of your units, & this will have your attendees enjoying the festivities.

Here are a few things to think about:
Sizes: With a variety of units to choose from, you can pick the exact size portable toilet for your space and your guests. Wrangler Pumping has standard sizes, ADA-compliant units, and even portable restroom trailers with Air Conditioners.
Amount: For smaller events, like weddings and backyard barbecues, one or two portable toilets should be enough; however, if you’re planning a gathering with more than 50 people, call Wrangler Pumping to find out how many units you’ll need to accommodate your party.
Time: For how long do you need your portable toilets? Since Wrangler Pumping delivers their units to your location, maintains them during the event, and picks them up when everything’s finished, they’ll need to know when people show up and when they’re leaving so we can plan accordantly.

Portable Toilets


Wrangler Pumping's portable toilet rentals are delivered directly to your desired location. They include a weekly service that includes rechargable sanitizing liquid, interior wall and urinal sanitation, toilet paper, water, soap, and paper towel restock, and most importantly... pumping of the waste tank. The fee for weekly service and maintenace will be included in the portable toliet rental quote, unless stated otherwise.

Portable Restroom Trailers


Whether you are planning a wedding event, corporate open house, or you’re project manager on a construction site, facilities manager for a government project or hosting a family reunion — you need clean, comfortable and affordable portable restrooms on site. Why choose an average “porta-potty” when you can rent a clean, fresh, alternative portable restroom trailer instead?



Roomy interior
Anti-slip floor surface
Occupancy signal latch
Two tissue rolls
Maximum ventilation
Sanitary seat deck and floor design
Translucent roof for better lighting
Optional features may include:

Lifting hooks for hoisting unit via crane
Instant antiseptic hand cleanser
Disposable paper seat covers
Containment tray
Stabilizing stakes


Exterior portable toilet rentals dimensions:
Height = 88”
Width = 44”
Depth = 48”


Our portable restroom trailers were designed with space in mind. For smaller events or parties at home, a mobile restroom can fit in the most challenging of spaces, and the trailers are elegant enough so that they can be discreetly placed on site. Large events often require multiple mobile restroom trailers to avoid long lines and crowds and provide guests with easy access to the facilities. Wrangler Pumping offers a variety of portable restroom trailer options to best suit the event type and restroom needs.